Do you know your purpose? May I help you, please?

beecher quote-woman-s-great-mission-is-to-train-immature-weak-and-ignorant-creatures-to-obey-the-laws-of-god-catharine-beecher-324296When I began the decade in 2010, I knew I wanted change.  I knew two things:  I love the little ones and I love to love & help.  Here I sit almost four years later and I still know those things.  

I know another, now.  While I call myself ‘inspired’, unless you’re close to me, I don’t share that I mean “God-inspired”.  

It’s time.  I live my life as a woman led by God.  I live my purpose: loving and helping, grab cup and stayby praying for and/or with my coaching clients, if they wish.  

That said, I’m an extremely faithful yet liberal Christian.  I’ve worked with Buddhist clients, helping them to practice their meditation and fulfill their purpose.  I’ve prayed with clients seeking to change careers.  I’ve also worked with clients who didn’t care how I lived my life, they just didn’t want me to put my opinions on them.  Agnostic, atheist, spiritual practice of any type; I’ve worked well with them.  I center myself with God before beginning conversations.

Those whom I can help include those are looking for someone who can bring them along spiritually.  AND while this may alienate a few, I’m hoping it will make it clear to those who might otherwise only be a bit interested in working with me… or think I’m weak or wishy-washy about my faith.

Leading from that, I have room for two pro bono clients.  That is, I do it for good.

For those who know me, if you want to find your purpose and live your life with it, tell me.  Feel free to let those you know who might be in need of my coaching.  If you don’t know me, feel free anyway.   I can coach over the phone, so distance is no obstacle. FaceTime and Skype are options.  If you don’t know my name or number, feel free to send this contact form, substituting your info:   

Do you know your purpose?  If not, or if you want help to live it, give a shout.  

To God be the glory!

© Melissa Pazen, 2013

Live Inspired: pray continually; think boldly; dare greatly; love unconditionally; act deliberately, kindly, justly, mercifully and humbly; forgive easily; laugh frequently!

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