Conscious Awareness, Part II

“Integrity is the sound follow through of your heart, and an important part in the process of manifesting what it is that you aspire to…  Don’t lie to yourself and to others, follow through. Complete yourself. Expand your consciousness.”
― Will Barnes

“So,” you think, “I wonder what Melissa did to resolve the conflict?”  (As you’ll note in my previous post, I had a nasty interchange with another volunteer when I had arrived to do my monthly task, and I haven’t gone off like that in YEARS.)

I did write an email of apology for my behavior and explained what had set me off.  And a week later, I was still feeling horrible when I saw the other volunteer (fortunately, across a crowded room).  I took the coward’s way out at that point and slinked (slunk?) away.  I then went to the person who often finds the volunteers for this organization and asked if I could set time to speak with her.

During our meeting, I kept saying “I totally can understand someone else being tense.  What I’m agonizing over is how to resolve this.”

Wisdom struck, and my ‘advisor’ suggested I simply smile the next time.  She suggested, essentially, I get over it.  (And I’m the queen of saying “I’m over it.” when someone else makes a mistake; I really do try to rebound quickly.)

Wonderfully, by the time I got home from the conversation, the mail had been delivered.  A card with an apology from the other volunteer was included, with an explanation of what led to the tension.

I wrote back to the volunteer; with gratitude.  I’m glad it’s over!

How do YOU handle mistakes, tiffs, and situations like this?  Feel free to post a reply!

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