Quote for August 17

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you will not see the shadows.”

~Helen Keller

Helen Keller was certainly an inspiration to us all!  I remember watching Patty Duke and Anne Bancroft in The Miracle Worker.  I’m not sure if I tried to teach dolls to spell, but I began finger spelling.  And I was totally disapproving of the parents who had let Helen live like a feral animal in their home!

Once her mind got tuned to what she wanted to do and how she might do it, Helen Keller WAS amazing.  And talk about the proper attitude:  “stay happy and you won’t need to dwell on (or get stuck in?) the sad” would be my way of saying it, I guess.  I’m not nearly as poetic as she was.

She and Mother Theresa both have quotes that run something like “I long to do great things, but it is my task to do small things as if they were great.”  For a while, I tried to settle for ‘small things’…  now all I know is I have been given the gift to help others determine their courses.  And that’s simply all I want to do!

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